Website Video

Website video can add a whole new dimension to your company's web based marketing efforts. Today's average smaller business struggles to find new customers, competing against the big competitors in their industry. Those who try to excel with old marketing methods aren't succeeding. What you need to do is differentiate your site and grab people's attention and then hold it and website videos can do just that.

Differentiating yourself from competitors large and small, through your marketing strategy, can bridge the gap between you and your customers and create a way to bond with them over the internet. Investing in video (which is no longer an expensive proposition) is a great way to stand apart from competition or to ensure you don't lag behind competitors who may be using this technology already!

Website video can be used in a number of ways including:

Providing directions and tutorials as support

Demonstrating your offerings



And more...

Providing directions and tutorials couldn't be easier than with website video. Today's internet surfer who needs help would benefit from knowing that something they've bought can be easily supported through videos showing them how to solve problems.

Demos show people what your product and / or service can do for them. Demos can load quickly on websites and be integrated seamlessly into your website. This can help you in the sales process significantly because instead of just relying on strongly worded sales copy, you can use visual aids to show people what they get when they buy your product. If you adopt this technology now, you'll get customers excited about your product because most of your competitors are probably not using interactive marketing tools like website video to sell their product.

Marketing Gone Interactive

Interacting with customers is important. When they arrive on your website, they are often disinterested or distrustful and the video gives them an opportunity that text can't possibly do. Whether you interact directly with them yourself, have spokesperson do it for you, or use video in a presentation or commercial format, this will most often be more valuable than some sales copy text sitting on the page.

Testimonials are another area that video marketing works well with. IF you're selling a product or service and provide testimonials, you're definitely building a good foundation that will help convert more visitors into customers. But even more than reading a testimonial, people will find your testimonials much more believable if they see a person talking about how great your product is rather than reading a paragraph about it. Putting a face and a voice to words is way more effective.

Interacting with your customers through video isn't a technical challenge as it can be easy to implement. It doesn't make your website load at a snail's pace and it doesn't cost a fortune to implement. Whether you're having an on-page support option, live streaming video advertising the product, video testimonials or product demos shown on the page, you're going to increase the chances of that customer buying what it is you're selling.