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Interview with Live On Page's Dr. Joe Schaefer

The most common website errors and conversion mistakes, Dr. Joe Schaefer, during a 30 minute interview with the Talk Radio Show "The Entrepreneurial Moment"

Website Video and Webdesign

Nobody reads anymore, Hop, skip and jump through the google search results...

Video marketing and the “Age Old” basic website design, Where did we find the rules for website construction?

Using Spokesperson Video To Introduce Web Marketing Commercials, spokesperson video first, embedded commercials second.

Integrating Video and Web Design video and web design strategy go hand and hand.

Video Is Function - Design Is Form, website design, do you want art or results?

Why Video Spokesperson Works , "nobody hates clarity", video to increase visitor comprehension.

Website Video, Advertising, and Conversion

Video Spokesperson and Conversion, lead and sales conversion is not magic, it's a science.

Video Spokesperson and the Soundbyte, information and search engine overload...not short attention span.

Video Marketing and Viewer Attention Spans, "nobody reads anymore" part II.

Video and Direct Response Advertising, direct response advertising and the internet.

The "Don'ts" of website video sometimes what you avoid is most important.

Video Marketing and Lead Conversion you may not need video, but you need a script

Scott Martin (CEO), Comedian Bill Engvall, Dr. Joe Schaefer (President)
In front of our Austin, Texas studio