Website Testimonial Videos

Website testimonials can do a lot to increase your sales when you sell products on the internet. People who can identify with a real person that purchased and enjoyed using your product are much more likely to be converted from a browser to a buyer. It's quite easy to integrate website testimonial videos into your site and can make a big difference to how many sales you make.

The Power of the Testimonial

When people plan to buy something (or are thinking and pondering on buying it) they often want to know what others think. The internet has provided a perfect place for people to learn about what others think. It's a place where people can (and do) review and discuss products and services and this has created a very savvy and informed consumer. By guiding people to a set of testimonials about your product that exist on your site, you'll reduce the chances of them disappearing to find out more information (which could result in them not coming back because of what they find or because someone else dangled a more attractive looking carrot) elsewhere because you'll provide what they're looking for directly on your site.

Video Testimonials: More Powerful than Text

Today's consumer can be a bit sceptical of testimonials that appear on a site or a sales page because they might appear to be fabricated. Of course it's possible to do fake video testimonials as much as it is possible to do fake print testimonials but video does appear to be much more genuine than text to the sceptical eye because people can actually see a real person behind the camera talking about your product and expressing their thoughts on it.


When you sell a product, encourage your customers to send you a video testimonial. You might even incentivize the request asking for creative testimonials that you draw a winning entry for a contest item for. You could also offer review products in exchange for honest testimonials and this could help with your marketing as well.

Today's Video Technology: Easy and Inexpensive

Today's technology makes it easy to display video testimonials on your page. Each video generally has its own "play" button so users can view at their discretion. People can make their own videos with inexpensive devices that plug and play and create YouTube videos which can then be embedded in your with as much effort as it takes to cut and paste a link.

Of course, for your overall marketing strategy, you'll want to do more than cut and paste a few links and you might look for help from professionals who know how to use tools (like video testimonials and frameless live on page sales reps to help you market your product and / or service more effectively) but today's tools and technology create endless possibilities for more effective marketing.

Today's consumer demands to be treated as intellectuals so using interactive marketing tools and providing them with information and assistance throughout the buying process will result in more sales and happier customers.