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Celebrity VIP Talent

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You can have a famous, recognizable face on your site for thousands of dollars less than you would pay for a commercial or public appearance.  Nobody will forget your site and the implied endorsement of a celebrity.

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You on Page

You on Page | Live On Page

Create and build rapport from the first second visitors arrive on your site. You or your spokesperson is the star.

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In-House Talent

In-House Talent | Live On Page

Our in-house group of actors is among the absolute best available. They are professional, sincere and believable. Not to mention the best at what they do.

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International Talent

In-House Multi-Lingual Talent | Live On Page

We have a large base of international actors, who can speak many different languages.  Or maybe you want to make your company appear more global with English spoken with a foreign accent.

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Communication Relies On Talent and Content
The two most critical features of spokesperson or corporate video are the script and talent.  With walk on video, the talent must connect with the visitor in the first seconds of their website visit. Corporate video and web commercials require more editing and production value, but scripting and talent are still at a premium. When making any online video presentation, content is king. The presence of video itself is no longer a novelty and all attention will center on the quality of the spokesperson video and the message. Live On Page is the creation of the Austin advertising agency, Motiliti, Inc. They specialize in all forms of website spokesperson video, corporate video, web and broadcast TV commercials.