Video Spokesperson Step By Step Process

Step 1 STEP ONE - Search To Sale™ Analysis

We create a custom strategy and script to move visitors from your home or landing page to whatever target or goal you have. For example, you might want to convert a web visitor to an email lead with a response form, or encourage them to call on the phone, or convert them to an actual online sale. A powerful and effective script cannot be written with keeping your entire web strategy in mind. This is the MOST critical part of the process.

Step 2STEP TWO - Script Creation

Most clients are too busy or somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of creating their own scripts from scratch. This is why we provide each client a Script Writing Guide that asks 7 critical questions, explains how the elements of a script work to get results, and then even shows sample scripts – along with the results they are actually getting in live sites. For additional fees, you can have the very best script-writers create both strategy and scripts for your project. We will write a truly unique and compelling script that you will never get from another spokesperson service. Our scripting team will work with you until you approve the final script.


Step 3STEP THREE - Actor and Wardrobe Choice

Our actors are the absolute best available for representing your company online. Our in-house talent has appeared on websites for companies with revenues in the billion dollar range, and of course our VIP talent can read your script like nobody else, while providing implied endorsement. We will help you to select the appropriate talent to help you connect with your audience and move them to take action.

Step 4STEP FOUR - Filming

A filming team with the experience of creating over 4000 client videos will direct your production. Every detail of every second will be sculpted to create a spokesperson video that we guarantee will exceed your expectations. If you have chosen a VIP celebrity spokesperson, we film on location and involve our Board Advisor and Executive Producer, Frank Pace. Mr Pace is a veteran TV producer with over 500 episodes of TV to his credit.


Step 5STEP FIVE - Post-Production

After we digitally remove the green screen background, our post-production team can add text, graphics, phone numbers, buttons, or additional audio to the final product. We code and upload the video into our Live On Page software engine and send you 3 short lines of code to paste into your site. We can set the click through behavior of the video to whatever target page you select, and set cookie behaviors to limit repeating play according to your needs.

Step 6STEP SIX - Installation

We can assist to install your video if you are not comfortable pasting code into your website or do not have internal tech support.


Step 7STEP SEVEN – Results Tracking

Every month following installation you will find out exactly how many people saw each of your videos and how long, on average, they watched. This will help us to analyze how your strategy is working, so that you can choose to adjust it if necessary.