Interactive Marketing

Companies that use interactive marketing techniques are getting some great results, especially online. Interactive marketing with potential customers can drive the sale home and marketing that's interactive does wonders for maintaining and sustaining a relationship as well.

Interacting with your clients and potential clients gives you a voice and a personality and if people begin to trust that voice and that personality it makes them more likely to believe in what you're selling.

Those who decide to interact with their customers can build an actual relationship with them which can remove the barrier to buying the first time as well as increasing the possibilities of that new client becoming a loyal and repeat client.

Marketing strategies today have to have many dimensions to them in order to capture someone's attention. Today consumers have so many choices that they expect more from the companies they choose to buy from, especially for expensive or big ticket items.

How do you interact with potential customers?

There are a lot of different ways to use interactive marketing. Several of these methods include:




The Interactivity of Blogs

Blogs let you talk to your customers and potential customers in your own voice. You're still carefully crafting your words but the personal tone in a blog can help you sell more products. When you interact with people in this way you can wind up getting more customers because blogs also bring search engine traffic to multiple areas of your website and your blogs can go very viral through syndication and search engine indexing as well.


Newsletters allow you to be very interactive with your target customers and your existing customers. By getting someone to opt in to getting a regular communication from you, you're getting permission to market to people. Your useful and informative newsletters provide you with many opportunities to network with your potential customers and to gain opportunities for repeat business as well. Newsletters are also great for capturing the attention of people who aren't totally sold on your product yet. Because you'll have ample future opportunities to interact with them, you're going to be able to build a rapport and some trust with them.


Video provides a unique way for you to connect with your customers. You can use video in many creative ways such as: live on the page people guiding your visitors through the sales process, video tutorials, and video testimonials which can all create a connection with your audience that increases the chance they will buy from you.

When a person lands on your web page, you have a small window of opportunity to win them over. The better you are at interacting with them the better your chances of getting the sale. Learning as much as you can about interactive marketing definitely works to your benefit.