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Our bounce rate dropped, visit length increased and lead conversion is up by 30% since installing Live On page, Dave Kenny,

Web Video Spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson and Video Marketing

Live On Page walk on video can double and triple conversions and sales. Website video and video spokesperson code is easily installed with a simple three lines of code, and includes web 2.0 marketing functions. Web spokesperson video is the most powerful marketing and communication tool for increasing website performance. The use of a video spokesperson at several places in your site helps to lead visitors down a desired path, as the actor performs a virtual tour of your site's products and services. Sometimes called a Walk On Video, these web actors appear to float in front of a site's content via green screen video and alpha channel technology. Our videos are streamed to your visitors' browsers via a Content Delivery Network, the highest quality platform available for streaming video - just like every one of the big name media companies. Nearly every one of our competitors deliver their videos from their web server or their customers' web servers, not a CDN. The end result of using a web spokesperson video is usually decreased bounce rates, increased visit times, increased page visits and, ultimately, increased lead conversion or sales rates.

Video Production

Video production for a walk on video spokesperson has some typical video production requirements. The basic elements of lighting and audio setup are similar to any other video production project. However, our research shows that a half body presentation is more impactful for making a connection with website visitors. Half body framing allows the visitor to see facial expressions and subtle nuances in verbal communication. This is a two-edged sword and requires that the actor be of very high quality, since at this closer range it will be evident if they appear to simply "read" the script. Talent, along with professionally scripted content, becomes one of the most crucial aspects of the video spokesperson production.

Website Video and Video Marketing

Website video and video marketing encompasses the use of embedded web commercials, spokesperson presentations, and even video hosted online slide shows. The primary driver for success in all of these website videos is quality scripting and strategic content. Regardless of the product or service, once you have gotten viewer attention, it is critical to ask for a follow up action. This can be a page to visit, another video to watch or a form to complete. This is the most basic of all advertising principles and yet most of our competitors allow their clients to produce video without streamlined content or a call to action. Live On Page is 100% focused on acting talent, the best video and audio quality, and always the most compelling script content possible with a clear call to action.

3 Step Conversion Machine
Live On Page is the product of an Austin, TX video production and web marketing company called Motiliti Inc