Flash Video

What's All the Fuss About Flash Video?

In considering current trends in ecommerce, the latest, greatest, and most effective seems to be the use of flash video as a marketing tool.

While using video content for marketing and advertising is a relatively new concept, the technology that runs it has really been around for quite some time. However, only recently was the animation process involved in flash video honed to the extent where it is now a viable - and necessary - option for nearly any business.

Why Flash Video Works So Well

Flash videos are saved as an .flv file extension. This format is extremely popular for use on websites for several reasons. It requires no additional software, such as Media Player or Quicktime to see the streaming video. It loads quickly and anyone can see it anywhere without having to understand the technology or use any plug-ins. The playback experience is consistent across platforms.

On the developer end, the picture quality of flash video is great. There are also a variety of advanced features which can be employed to create some truly stunning effects.

What Flash Video Does For an Ecommerce Website

Just think about it. With flash video, you can accomplish many things, and you can do so easily and cheaply. Here are just some of the applications for this type of content on any company's site:

Advantages of Flash Video

For a business with a internet presence, the advantages of using flash video content are many.

It is highly cost effective. Return on investment when comparing the cost to produce a video to the increased conversion rate is exceptional, particularly when compared to more traditional forms of advertising.

It is easy to develop, update, and install. For most organizations, using the services of a professional video production company is the best way to produce high quality content. It takes the worries and hassles out of using new technology and buying the proper equipment, yet it is still a very cheap option that can easily fit into your marketing budget.

In today's market, websites are expected to include flash video content. Without such interactive content, consumers quickly become bored and move on. Let the internet work in your company's favor and serve as your virtual salesman. It is an easy, cheap, and effective form of marketing.